Professional Training

Although the sky is the only limit on what you can learn in any domain, our focus is geared toward supplementing the individual’s direct needs to assist them directly with their career and in turn help our clients capitalize on what they can get from our resources besides a typical job related activities. TechQap pays special attention on the training program as mentioned below:


Assess Skills and Identify Training Needs
 Training needs are skills, competencies and knowledge that are missing within an individual in order to allow best performance. Identifying the training needs is a starting point for us to determine what kind of training program a candidate needs
Resource Assessment
We continuously monitor our resources, be it Technical or Human, and try to manage our programs through the top of the line resources in order for our programs to be effective and competent.
Training Materials
Training materials are fundamental to promote knowledge acquisition and to accomplish the established training objectives. Our training materials are focused to the topic rather than the subject in general.
Optimal Use of Resources
Use of available resources is not only encouraged to our students we even evaluate them based on their utilization of resources which automatically requires each and every participants must have used at least 80% of the resources on the concerned study.
Interactive Sessions and Personalized Approach
Either physical or virtual, our trainings are highly interactive. Students are self-encouraged by our top of the line trainers to ask, provide opinions and share the knowledge. This kind of environment allows learning to be fun yet most effective. With personalized approach to training students never feel left alone and discouraged.
Best Practices
Since our trainers come with required education, and hands on work experience the information provided to the resources is a combination of principles and practices.
Assessment & Evaluation
No training is left without evaluation. Resources are evaluated throughout the training with practical exercises be it written or oral in addition to final evaluation conducted through comprehensive test.
Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement
At TechQap quality never stops at certain point. We believe that continuous improvement trying to update with latest information and technology is what brings quality to our programs and approaches.

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